Check-In and Safety

Our priority is to make sure that your kids are in an environment weekly that is clean, safe, and fun! Our check-in system is for the protection of your kids to ensure a secure and seamless process of dropping off and picking up your kids.

When you arrive your kids will receive a ID sticker and you will receive a slip that corresponds with it. Here we can notate if you have any specific requests for your child. To make your process even smoother, you can pre-register your family here.


Our team is trained and ready to show your kids the love of Jesus and teach them God’s Word through engaging Bible stories, worship, games, and activities. Our desire is that every kid can take 1-2 things they learned home with them and put them into practice. We currently use the Life.Kids curriculum from the Open Leadership Network. You can view examples of the lessons and videos we use by clicking on the button below.


Nursery (Ages 6 Weeks to 2 Years)

DSC_0154 (2).JPG

Pre-School (Ages 2-5)

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